September 30, 2010

Prayer for Sean

We just returned from an awesome, blessed visit with our family in St Louis. It was really hard to leave and to come back to Baton Rouge. We are seeking the Lord for we look at these delays with our house as God's timing or as a hindrance of the enemy to stop God's plan? That would definitely change the way we pray. But it was awesome to see our precious children. To have us all under one roof again. To see Haley and Josh's new house. It was beyond wonderful to worship in the tangible presence of God with my family at Faith Chapel and to hear Pastor Brad preach and teach the word of God in such a clear manner. Oh my- how we long to be there. Soon God, soon...

But now I’d like to depart from my usual blog posts and to bring before you a prayer request. I'd like to ask for prayer for our friend Sean Coffey. He has just this last week been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which has spread.

We met Sean and his wife Jen when we were stationed in Groton Connecticut ten years ago. We attended their wedding and they were in the homegroup that we led. We lost touch with them after moving but have recently reconnected through Facebook. Since we were in Ct, they have had two adorable little boys who are 3 and 6. They are a precious, extremely close, beautiful family.

Understandably they are completely shocked and devastated by Sean’s diagnosis. Without God, his prognosis is bleak. But we of course are not without God nor are we without hope. Please pray for healing, hope, peace, provision and direction for them. They don't see the doctor until next week. Pray for favor with the doctors and that their doctors would have great wisdom. Please pray that, as Jesus did, they would see what the Father is doing, and know how to pray and what to do. That the doctor's word wouldn't necessarily be the final word on the subject.

If you wish to follow Jen’s blog it is In her blog, Jen is devastatingly honest about the painful, confusing, heartbreaking and fearful emotions she is experiencing right now. I beg you guys to please pray for these precious ones who are walking a very dark path. Please pray that the presence of God would draw tangibly near, that He would lift their eyes and surround them with a blanket of peace instead of the horror they are experiencing right now. They need spiritual warfare on their behalf. They need hands to come alongside them in prayer and to lift their hands as they grow weak with grief. Please pray that the enemy would get out of this situation with his lies and fears and oppression. He is really breathing down their necks right now. My heart is breaking for them in their raw pain. So I beg you to please please pray. And if you have a prayer chain at your church please, I ask you, add them to it.

I feel a mandate to pray for this family and to mobilize prayer. Those of you who are intercessors probably 'get' this. I'm not sure I do. I have been told I am an intercessor although I have never been fully convinced that I am. But this burden to pray for this couple I haven't seen in ten years is beyond intense. I've never had such a concern and burden to pray and to get others praying like I am with this. I think of them every moment and my heart grieves like this was Keith. I desperately want my prayers to matter. I want my prayers to move heaven and earth for these precious ones. I don't feel capable. But the urgency moves me. I feel such deep grief. I can't explain it. Intercessors, please tell this normal? I've never walked this road before and I want to understand and to 'do this right'. I would welcome any direction and advice from those of you more experienced in intercession. And mostly- I covet your prayers joined with mine for them. I promise- Sean and Jen and their two little boys are worth it.

So if I seem distracted, that’s what’s up with me. That’s all for now. God bless you all. I’ll keep you posted on Sean and any prayer needs they may have. Thanks Kayla


Kelly said...

Kayla ~ I'm praying fervently for Sean and his family. My heart breaks for them as they walk this road. The Holy Spirit keeps bringing them to my heart encouraging me to pray for them without ceasing. I just keep lifting Sean up to the Lord. Again and again and again.

worshiping warriors said...

Kelly thank you SO much. Thats what we have to do. I appreciate your heart to pray for them. And I pray God stirs on the hearts of all who read this to pray for them in this dark hour. God bless you Kelly.