June 24, 2011

The Threshold

I haven't posted in forever... sorry faithful followers. I will explain why in a few weeks when we have landed on the other side of this busyness :) We have lots to do and a short time to do it in. Kind of overwhelming, but its all good, so no worries.

But I wanted to pause for a moment and to share this. While sorting through my closet this week I found this simple poem I wrote a while ago. I have no clue when I wrote it. Actually I have no memory of ever writing it. But it blessed me to read it so I thought perhaps it'd bless someone else who might linger here at my blog. Leave comments. I like to know who reads this thing. Anyhow, so here it is and I'll be back before long with an update and more details on our current doings :). God bless you all.

The Threshold
"At the threshold of Your throneroom, I cannot enter in
I stop to ponder my shame, my fear and my sin
I've tried to be worthy, in my own strength to do right
But my deeds and efforts fade away as I approach Your light
I can never do enough I see, as I sadly turn to go
But then You call out 'Come back, weary one and I'll restore your soul.
Your price has been paid by the blood of the Lamb
Cease striving, stand still and know Who I AM.
I've provided all you need to do and to be
You are my precious child, made to glorify Me'.
Oh what joy I now know, I have nothing to fear;
I'm accepted, I am loved; without shame I draw near
I embrace You my Father, the God of all might
And boldly stand cherished in Your pure holy light."