May 8, 2009


Got a lovely new laptop... Will be blogging soon I promise. Life has been crazy busy although I can't even tell you why exactly if you were to ask... Lots of life just being lived- kids to parent, Kingdom to advance, dog hair to sweep, jobs to do, things to learn... I'll try to sit down and tell about it soon (except for the dog hair part).

I've made more cool Facebook connections that just bless and amaze me daily. Its like a perpetual ongoing reunion... daily delving deep into my personal history, stirring up memories and emotions... Its been very rewarding for the most part although sometimes disappointing...

One thing going on is that Keith's happier than I have seen him in a long time. God has done something in him... Not in a way like- oh thank God, finally! ;). Keith's never stopped being a Godly man and awesome husband and father, but something life-changing has happened to him. It must be how it was when Moses came out after being with the Lord with his face glowing... Although he already was MOSES, who spoke to God like a friend, when his countenance changed, they knew that he had gone to another level... something special had happened between he and God. Keith has really experienced a deep down foundational change and it is obvious. I asked him what it was... when did it happen? He said, he doesn't exactly know. But he just really TRUSTS Him... He has just really let go, laid it all down... I've just never seen him happier. I am longing for where he is... I've had things on my mind; decisions to make, relationships to heal, things I need to understand... I've not yet found my way to that same place of peace that he's walking in...but I am still encouraged... for I know since we are 'one' that I'm headed that way. He's my 'head' so I'm bound to follow close behind... :)

Anyhow, its late and i'm tired but I wanted to blog something... More to come! :) God bless! Kayla