September 12, 2010


Okay, not big news but I (obviously) have a new blog design. I'm not sure I like it yet... not crazy about the white letters. Something in me rebels against white letters. Seems unnatural. But I like the colors. Has an olde world vibe. So we'll see. :)

But the cool thing about updating my blog is that now I see something I didn't realize.... I HAVE FOLLOWERS! I never thought these random thoughts of mine would be worthy of anyone anticipating, much less following. So I am humbled and I thank ya'll for your interest and support (I sound like a won an award lol). But I mean it. That truly blesses me. Now that I know somebody's actually reading this, I shall try to write more often.

I am attempting to download a video of the IHOP prayer room that particularly blessed me but its not loading so we shall see if that will make it to the blogosphere or not.

But until then.... again, thanks and God bless you. I will check out your blogs as well and drop you a line. :)

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