January 20, 2009


I had a dream last night. It may have been that I ate supper too late or something but I just wanted to throw this out there if anyone wants to take a stab at interpreting it...

I dreamed that we were hiding in an apartment like we were Jews in Nazi Germany.... My children were little. They even looked Jewish... We were talking and then the children hushed me and pointed to the door... I opened the door to the hallway and there under the door was some sort of listening device indicating that we were being spied on. I don't know what we were talking about but obviously it was something that would incriminate us. I told the children to write me notes instead of talking... Then Keith appeared on the balcony, having climbed up to avoid detection. He wanted me to come out and see something (away from prying eyes and ears). There were some people on the next balcony trying to get us to invest in some water product... It was obvoius that water was scarce. It flavored the water to make it taste like lemonaide (weird I know). I asked if it purified the water, and they said "no, just disguises the taste". I said, "no, I don't want anything to do with that". Then Keith handed me a box that had been secretly given to him. It looked like a box of matches but I thought- "I bet its a secret radio, so we can listen to reports".... but when I opened it up, out popped a Jewish menorah blazing away. We were thrilled and said, "Praise Jesus" which made the people around us ask, "Why are you praising Jesus? I thought you were Jews?" We just smiled and I woke up. Weird huh?


Unknown said...

oooh, i have questions. maybe i'll see ya tonight :)
what a cool dream.

worshiping warriors said...

I knew you'd be interested... Hate I missed you last night... email me! :)

Emily said...

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Unknown said...

Been reading ur dream:
I think it has to do with what is going on in the world.

A version of Christ is being offered that is not true to the real Christ.

It seems to be the right thing, and real thing. That which seems to be right (religion) is recognised by ur kids as not being true. As being something that is threatening and to be wary off. (children speak what they see and do not try to figure things out)

The water that is offered to u - is what seems to be the right thing to do, believe in, but in actual fact it is not the truth. It is not from the HS. It is a false and bitter water disguised by seeming to be clean and right, but will end up poisening u and your family.

U seem to be in an enviroment where u seem to be a part of what is going on and all seems well (but yet u r not part of it. God has set u apart, u r not 'jews' or part of those around u.

U r seeking the REAL truth because the HS has put it inside of u to recognise him when he is there. U have the truth and it is coming in something small and seemingly insignificant, yet, when u find it, it will make a noise and u will not be able to hide your joy at finding the truth.....or maybe u just had too much pizza!!!!!!!!