January 13, 2010

Max is now at IHOP

Well, its been too long since I last posted something here. But I'm sure most of you are aware that Max is now in Kansas City, at the International House of Prayer, where he has longed to go for the last couple of years. We are missing him here at home but also are so thankful that he is in a wonderful place, where he's meant to be. I think I understood, in a smaller measure, what Hannah must have felt, dropping Samuel off at the Temple... letting go is hard, but leaving your precious child in the hands of the Lord is rewarding.... However, what is known in the head doesn't always mirror what is felt in the heart. But I can say, Gods grace is truly sufficient. In thinking of him leaving beforhand, I would wonder how I would cope... but then the Lord reminded me that his grace is always there at the moment we need it. And it was.

With our family being so close, I had worried that Max would get homesick but every time I talk to him he is excited, telling me of people he's met or things the Lord is doing... He's a sponge just soaking it all up. He's a square peg that has finally found it's square hole... Max has found where he belongs. And my heart is truly truly glad.... (and not just because my house is easier to keep clean lol :)
God bless!

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