August 19, 2009

My Treasure

Well, it looks like Max is finally really headed to IHOP! (International House of Prayer-not pancakes :). He had been feeling that the Lord was impressing him strongly that it was time for him to go soon. However we didn't have the finances for him to go. But soon after he got this impression from the Lord a precious lady we know approached Max one day and asked how much he needed to go. He gave the price for the Intro Internship tuition. She said, "okay", then walked away. Later that week she gave me a call and said she felt impressed by the Lord to give him a check for an amount that was just what he needed! The next week his truck broke down on the side of the road. We haven't fixed it yet BUT a sweet friend offered the use of her vehicle that she wasn't using. God is confirming all over that this is His will for Max to go. We will all go to the Onething conference in late December and then leave him there with our good friends the Neelys. He will live there with them. We are so excited for him... but on a human side, as his parents, theres that big ache in our hearts. We've already said goodbye to our eldest daughter who moved to St. Louis last year. (What is this with our children going to Missouri? :) But God has anointed Max to write anointed songs that lead people into the throneroom of God. He is also a powerful and authoritative worship leader for such a young age. We are very proud of him. He is a great son and brother and friend. He is very respectful to his dad and me. He has always been protective and kind to his siblings. But despite all this, we know God's hand is on him and we can't keep him to ourselves. We must sow him into the Kingdom. His destiny is bigger than our little family... But I am so thankful for the privilege to be his mom. I'm thankful to be the mom of four awesome anointed Godlly kids. God knew that I could never do this on my own as damaged and flawed as I was when I became a mom so now I'm a shining example of His amazing unmerited favor when people look at these awesome kids. All I can say is- Thank You Jesus! Anyway, enjoy this video that Max made of his latest song. The sound quality isn't the best but you can get the jist of it. God bless...


Unknown said...

OH BOY!! I hope we get to sing this song in church before he leaves :)

you encourage me, Kayla! I often wonder if anything good will come out of my brokenness...and if my kids won't be damaged for

Anonymous said...

Awesome..So proud of Max and all our children, and their mom too!! Ya'll bless me!! Have to admit I was reading yoru blog while listening to his song and choked up, no actually more than choked up.. Sowing him into the Kingdom is so right on!!! Love ya..

Sonja said...

You give me HOPE for my Jonah man whom I know the Lord has called forth mightily!
It is true that HE alone helps us be the mothers we NEED to be to pour forth that in them!
Though I have set backs, listening to stories like this, and actually knowing the family themselves (a little) is what KEEPS the faith going! You guys are awesome in many ways! Thank you for sharing this with us! Indeed he is an anointed worship leader (just like you though!).