July 18, 2008

Wedding Pics

A portrait of the bride

Another portrait

Wedding Day: Getting ready

Kent Henry, Josh and Devon

Here comes the bride!

Josh's face as he sees Haley.

Josh sings to his bride!

Max singing "Amazed"

The wedding.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Ortego!

Hannah and Joseph

Bride and groom's first dance

Bride and Dad's dance.

Then Daddy gets his groove on...

And Daddy-in-law jumps in!

The bride and groom

The wedding party

The bride and groom's parents

Cutting the cake!

Off they go!

Here's some pics of the wedding I wanted to share. Various friends of Haley's posted these on their Myspace. We haven't gotten the photographers photos yet so we were excited to see these... Read my blog below for a blow by blow (probably more than you want to know!:^) of the wedding.... God bless. Kayla


Kelly said...

Dearest Kayla & Keith ~ We are thrilled to learn of Haley's wedding and to see her beautiful pictures!! What fun to see Max!! Oh, how we miss him!

Congratulations!! Bittersweet, yes. I know you will miss Haley so much. But joyful too - as you've done your job according to God's will and have raised her to be ready for this moment. God is good.

Love to you all
Kelly, for the Ivins' Clan

Sonja said...

the pictures are beautiful Kayla...I wish Wil and I could have made the wedding! I have heard so much about the blessing it was and how much fun people had at it. Thank you for sharing the pictures!
I know they will go on to do the Lord's work and be blessed in all their steps...
It's been a while since I've read the blog(any blog at that)but it is good to get back into reading all my favorites...looking forward to reading more of your entries.
Be blessed.


Robin said...

WOW thanks for sharing the pics and I want to comeover and watch the video since we were out of town and unable to attend. Everything looks so beautiful. Love ya girl