March 18, 2006

Prophetic Words for Hosanna

With the "new thing" that the Lord is doing in our midst, I am wanting to begin compiling recent words that have been spoken at our church during our services. I have been convicted that I need to take the prophetic word seriously and to pray over it when we receive it. Not to just say, "that's nice" and continue on as before, praying as before, as if the Lord has not spoken. So for my own remembrance I am wanting to put the recent prophetic words spoken in our services here, in order to better aid us in how to pray for our church. Here are two that I transcribed from tapes of the Worship/Intercession services we've had for nearly a year and given by my husband Keith. (If any of you have copies of any other words spoken in our services by others and would like to share them with me, I'd be most appreciative. I especially would like the "new thing" word spoken by Pastor at the beginning of the year.) I will attempt to get more to post but for now I will post what I have. The first one I am sharing was spoken 8 months ago and the second one, 5 months ago. I am awestruck to see how these words have been coming to pass! As soon as I can, I am going to attempt to transcribe the words spoken at our last Worship/Intercession service this past Sunday and post it here. So stay tuned! Be blessed by the Word of the Lord but also pray over it!

"Recount the days gone by and ask yourself when has God not been faithful. Look at your life and where you have been. He has always come through for you. He has never failed you nor will He fail you now. Acknowledge His goodness, His perfect will for you and move forward in faith and possess all He has prepared for you for there is more, much more. Where is your faith? Do you really want to see My glory? I am preparing to move in your midst and I will show you the supernatural and you will see it with your natural eye. And there will be miracles and there will be healings and I will move on your behalf and it will be so that it will be undeniable that it is the Lord in your midst. 1 Cor. 2:9 says, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him".

"Do not be satisfied with leftovers, over remnants of past revivals or the former moves. The former has passed away like the manna. Prepare yourself for a new fresh move of My Spirit. I have sent the wind before and the rain of My Spirit before and I will send it again, and this- I am also sending the fire, and it will refresh and purify, and it will cleanse and strengthen and it will cause My Body to grow both in scope and depth. And do not doubt that you will be able to discern it, for it will be obvious. Especially to those who are forerunners. For those who are pressing forward, it will come unannounced, unplanned. But you will sense it like the strengthening of the wind. Even now I have dispatched it!"

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