March 28, 2006


Hey guys, This past weekend, most of our worship team had the awesome opportunity to attend the Onething regional conference in Dallas. It was hosted there by CFNI (Christ for the Nations Institute). Onething is a conference put on by IHOP (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City. (If you want to check them out on the web, their address is: It was begun by Mike Bickle and is a 24-hour a day ministry of “Worship with Intercession” in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David. The Prayer Room has continued without stopping in intercession and worship since September, 1999. Onething’s focus is on calling young adults to pursue the “onething that is needed” (Lk.10.42) as the focus of their lives. They have several conferences around the nation each year imparting vision and giving practical ways to become a people of ‘one thing’. On their website they say:

”In Ps. 27.4, King David prayed, “…one thing I ask, this one thing I seek, that I may behold the beauty of the Lord…” This prayer is central to what we are trying to cultivate in this generation. What if a generation without focus would rise up with vision, in confidence, to be burning and shining lamps? What would happen if a million young adults would have deep understanding of God’s emotions and profound knowledge of the hour in which we are living? Is it too much to ask, too much to dream for? These are the prayers that we are longing to see answered. This is the one thing that we desire. “

This is the heart of those who ministered to us this weekend. The leaders shared their hearts with us. Oh my! What radical lives they lead! But they don't see themselves as radical, just living what the Bible teaches! I felt awakened again to the revelation of the age in which we are living. Jesus is coming back soon! We are all going to die one day. That's a fact we cannot ignore. What are we doing with our lives? And what we are living for? My challenge was to press in closer, and to live more responsibly, always in light of eternity. The worship was awesome. Worship and intercession and the reading of the word flowed seamlessly together, weaving in and out. It was something that could never have been arranged by man but was orchestrated by God- even in the musical sense. We had many discussions about worship on the way back. Where we have been and where we are headed. How our worship has changed recently. What are those changes? It definitely is more than just in “style”. When I returned home, I found this flyer in my suitcase (I honestly don’t know how it got there), from IHOP’s Forerunner Music Academy. I want to share with you, the introduction. It sums up, I believe, what the Lord is doing in our worship services. Why our worship music is taking on more significance. Please read.

"King David grasped the Lord's intention in creating music. He understood that prophetic music and songs would release the power of God. He made that truth a living reality when he launched a national movement of singing and instrumentation that helped thrust Israel into her Divine destiy. He paid 4,000 full-time musicians and hundreds of prophetic singers to gaze day and night upon God as they sang the prayers of Zion. This was their primary occupation in life. They were employed in the Tabernacle of David, which combined worship and intercession that never ceased as it continued 24/7. Many worship leaders love Jesus and music, yet they do not have a revelation of the power of prophetic music and worship. We have a vision to see music restored to the place of glory God intended for it. We must never allow music to be reduced to a hobby, career or simply a nice way to warm up the church service when God intended it to be the vehicle that transports us into the glory of the Uncreated One."

May we truly desire this One thing- Lord, we want to behold Your beauty. Because when we do, we will never be the same! Amen! God bless you all. Kayla


Anonymous said...

If no one else is reading this blog, I am! :)
I'm sure others are,'d be surprised.
thanks for posting all that you have. it's a blessing.
i got the email/prayer request for Joe and his children.

Anonymous said...

don't stop writing...I know the Lord has deposited much in you and would be a blessing to all who read your blog! Just remember that this blog thing is a new thing for us "older" folks :) "We" aren't all accustomed to communicating primarily through the computer. Don't give up.
Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter weekend! I have a cool testimony of what the Lord did during worship yesterday...too much to write, I'll share it with you later. love you!