December 17, 2007

Our Personal Savior...

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything… I wanted to thank those who have prayed for my friend Kelli. She’s doing really good after her surgery and says thanks to all who prayed for her. God provided miraculously and she was able to have the surgery she needed before any more damage was done to her spine. She did not have to pay a cent! The Lord moved on the hearts of people to meet this need. It was a great example of the Body of Christ, here on earth, extending His love through human hands.

We also have been in need of His provision lately. Bills have come in here at Christmastime that we didn’t expect, needs have come up that couldn’t be avoided… There were a few days where all I could do was put my head in my hands and say, “Lord how on earth…?” I spread my bills out before the Lord and like King Jehoshaphat when he was up against insurmountable odds, cried out, “Lord, I don’t know what to do…but my eyes are on You.” I am not going to pretend that my faith has never wavered. It’s hard to explain how it feels to KNOW in your head the truth that He loves and provides but to be so overwhelmed in a fog of circumstances and emotions that you cannot lay HOLD of it. It’s as if I say to the Lord, “Yes, but…” as if He hadn’t encountered a problem quite like mine before!

It’s oftentimes easier to have faith for others, than for yourself. When I’m objectively looking at a friend’s situation, I can easily see how much bigger our God is than their problem and can easily see Him loving them and providing for them whatever they need. But with my own issues, it’s not quite so easy. It’s like I have no problem believing He CAN, it’s just a matter of believing that He WANTS to! Nobody knows us, like we know ourselves (except God of course), so it’s often hard to believe He’d do a great thing for us… I’m becoming more and more convinced that the major revelation that most Christians need, in order to move forward with God, is a revelation of His love for them. Yet, despite our lack of faith in this fact, He still proves it over and over again… Despite me, and my tiny faith, He has been showing me that He cares.

It’s funny but it’s when God answers little personal prayers, about non-Kingdom things, that my faith grows and my heart grows warm with His love. It’s also great when He answers BIG prayers, but Big prayers usually benefit lots of people… it’s when those silly little requests that mean something to only me are answered, that I am the most encouraged and I see how this great big God who created the universe, really does notice and care for me… God’s love, demonstrated to the great big world, isn’t generic and impersonal, but specific and personal to each of us.

So all that to say- my family and I have been the blessed recipients of several demonstrations of God’s provision this Christmas season. It’s as if He’s been saying… “See, it’s going to be okay. Quit worrying. Daddy’s gonna take care of it.” Unfortunately I can’t give details because it involves Christmas gifts, ;^) but He has surprised us again and again with His creative and generous Spirit. Very specific things, that have amazed me and shown me, how much our great Father sees and knows and cares. He has inspired and moved through others. Some who may not yet know Him. It has encouraged me and has strengthened my faith and given me the desire to look for opportunities to be channels of His blessing to others.

During this holiday season, when things can get too busy and stressful and distracting, lets find some time to sit still before our Father and to just meditate on His great personal love for us and to remember all that He has done for us, large and small. I promise, it won’t take you long to think of something. Start at the manger… and go from there.

He IS the only reason for this season… He is everything we need! He can be trusted! Come! Let us adore Him!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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