August 24, 2007

The Rejection and The Praise of Man

These are the main points from the book Dealing with the Rejection and Praise of Man by Bob Sorge that I just read. This helped me personally but it also applies in ministry and how we respond to people (and their responses to us). I wanted to share these with you all.... If this whets your appetite to learn more, I highly recommend that you read this book (it's short! :^) God bless. Kayla

1.All of us will know rejection until our dying day. It's an unavoidable dynamic of our human existence.

2.No one knows rejection better than Jesus. Jesus proved that even if you're perfect you'll be rejected.

3.The more like Jesus you become, the more rejected you'll be.

4.If we respond properly to rejection, we gain eternal treasure.

5.Rejection is one of God's specialty tools in the school of the Spirit, reserved for those He especially likes.

6.Rejection is a trial-but the acceptance of the Father is the healing ointment.

7.Rejection stings, but it doesn't have to wound your heart.

8.We must forgive those who reject us.

9.We must learn to believe and receive the Father's love.

10. When God accepts me and approves, I need acceptance and approval from no one else.

11.Although I need only God's acceptance, I desperately need proper relationship and connection to my brothers and sisters in Christ.

12.One of the greatest challenges of Christian maturity is to make myself vulnerable to your kindness and affection while not allowing myself to be wounded by your rejection.

13.Its a sign of maturity when we can receive correction without interpreting it as rejection.

14.You won't be healed of rejection by analyzing the source of your rejection, but by looking at your Source of acceptance. Whose acceptance do you seek?

15.When I yearn for your acceptance, I open myself to your rejection.

16.You cannot seek the acceptance of both God and man. You cannot serve two masters.

17.Rejection and praise are opposite ends of the same continuum with identical root issues.

18.Two reasons why we should not be touched by the praise of man: people are undependable, and the opinions of people are insignificant.

19.The fear of man (the desire for man's praise) is a snare. (see my last blog "The Trap").

20.Jesus did not receive the honor of man

21.When we're energized by men's praises we lose our discernment.

22.Don't receive the cheap replacement of man's praise when you can contend for the highest praise- the honor of God Himself

23.To feed off the honor of man is idolatry.

24.When I no longer receive the praise of man, I become free of all men- free, that is, to love all men equally and unconditionally.

25.Living in a place where we are totally free from the praise and rejection of man is a lifetime pilgramage.

26.I do not seek the praise of other people, but I do seek to honor and encourage other believers as much as possible.

27.I can praise others by giving thanks to God for what His grace has accomplished in their lives.

28. We should affirm what God is doing in those around us, even when we see their shortcomings.

29.When you praise me, I do not receive your praise, but I do receive you.


Sonja said...

Powerful Truth's Kayla...I am so glad you wrote what you did, so many need to read this.
Each one of us, when yeilded completely to the Lord, hold precious gifts and they are mainly for others, just as Christ gave us His Ultimate Gift...the was for US!!
Satan would have us walk on egg shells with everyone instead of freely giving of ourselves (with a little wisdom ofcourse), too many times we with hold or put on false sheilds and that stunts the "free flow of the Lord's love"...Satan's little strategy...
The bottom line is we need eachother, Iron sharpens Iron and UNITY is powerful...we saw that Sunday morning! Didn't appear to be much fear of man that day but all eyes, ears, mouths, praise etc...focussed above! What power there is in that!
I am encouraged. You are an awesome woman of the lord and thank you for not only staying faithful to Worship but pouring into others you gift of writting!
I am blessed by you sister!


Betsy Smith said...

2.No one knows rejection better than Jesus. Jesus proved that even if you're perfect you'll be rejected.
I have been thinking on this one a lot!